Indoor Air Quality

At Romaniuk, we offer installation & maintenance of:

  • Whole-Home Humidifiers
  • Whole-Home Dehumidifiers
  • UV Germicidal Lights
  • Whole-Home Air Purification Systems
  • Air Cleaner Filters
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Our mission is to ensure that you get the right equipment for your home and your family. We also take pride in educating you on how to best maintain your equipment to lower the risk of costly repairs.

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

Your home’s indoor air quality may not be top of mind because we do not necessarily feel the effects of poor indoor air quality right away. Unlike temperature, where you are immediately able to tell if your house is too hot or too cold, the affects of poor indoor air quality are felt over the long term.

Are you and your family suffering from dry skin and sore throats? Maybe your asthma or seasonal allergies have been through the roof or maybe you feel like you are constantly getting sick? All of these symptoms can be signs of poor indoor air quality and may be keeping you from feeling your best. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your indoor air quality!

About Our Products

Healthy Climate Whole- Home Power Humidifiers
This whole-home power humidifier works with your HVAC system to keep the humidity of your home between 30% and 60% – the ideal range for home comfort and good health. The unit has a built-in fan, allowing humidified air to circulate, even when the your heating system is not running. The high output performance makes this unit ideal for larger homes

Healthy Climate Whole-Home Bypass Humidifiers
This whole-home Bypass Humidifier works with your heating system to circulate humidified air through your home. This allows you and your family to stay warm and cozy, without having to worry about dry skin and sore throats.

Healthy Climate Whole-Home Dehumidifiers
This whole-home dehumidifier unit is available in three sizes and compatible with nearly any central cooling system. The unit allows you to keep your home properly dehumidified during those warm summer months. A zoning system can be added, which gives you the option to dehumidify single areas.

Healthy Climate UV Germicidal Lights
The UV Germicidal Light is compatible with nearly any heating and cooling system and runs continuously to destroy contaminants like mold, mildew, and bacteria. The UV Germicidal light also helps keep your HVAC system operating at peak efficiency, as it also kill germs, mold and fungi that may live in ductwork and inside your system.

Pureair™ Air Purification System

The Pureair™ filters out particles, combat germs, AND fight odour, which makes it a great whole-home solution. The unit allows you and your family to stay comfortable and enjoy clean air throughout your home!


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