Furnace Installation

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Let the professionals at Romaniuk Heating & Air Conditioning walk you through the new furnace installation process and answer any questions you may have. We take a different approach than other companies, we like to educate our customers so you can choose whats right for your home. To set up an appointment for an estimate please give us a call today: (780) 448-0078 

Here are a couple of things to prepare yourself when inviting one of our estimators out to your home.

  1. First things first, book your appointment.  We like to remind our clients that these appointments usually take 1-2 hours and we ask that all decision makers be present.
  2. Have a look at the products on our website and write down the products that you have interest in.
  3. We need to perform a heat loss calculation, this is when we start to measure your doors, floors & windows. This measurement helps us determine the amount of BTU’s required to heat your home. Please make sure all pathways are clear.
  4. When one of our estimators is on their way you will get a notification letting you know that they should be there shortly.

There are several components that need to be addressed if we want to maximize comfort, efficiency, and longevity of your equipment. We ask the right questions so we know exactly what comfort solutions design fits both your needs and your budget.

Is your home too dry or muggy at certain times of the year?
Does anyone in your home suffer from asthma or airborne allergies?
Does your home have any cold or hot spots?

Installing the right equipment for your home is essential for optimizing performance from your cooling, heating and ventilation equipment and giving you and your family the comfort they deserve.

After installation is complete we commission each unit to ensure the proper settings will optimize the performance of your heating system.

We also come back a year from the installation free of charge to tune up your newly installed piece of equipment to ensure that you are comfortable in operating your home heating and/or cooling system and ensure proper operation is still taking place.

To book an appointment for an estimate please give us a call at (780) 448-0078.