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What’s that weird sound coming from your ductwork?

Oct 04, 2015

Air Conditioning
A service technician talking to a man while replacing a Lennox furnace filter installed by romaniuk heating in the basementL

Most air ducts and furnaces make noises, and while many are common and happen due to the system design, other may show severe problems with your ductwork or heating system. These should be handled by Carrier furnace repair expert to make sure safety and prevent costly damage to the unit. If ductwork and furnace sound in your Edmonton home is troubling you, there may be ways to decrease or stop the sound, depending on the reason.

Structure of an air duct

First let’s try and find out how an air duct works. There are 2 types of ducts in your home.

Supply ducts are connected to the supply registers in your home. They blow out heated air. As the return air passes over the heat exchanger it enters the plenum, the huge metal box that is located on top of the furnace and connects to the source supply duct which then divides into smaller ducts that connects to the registers.

Return ducts, on the other hand are connected to the return registers in your rooms. It sends air into the system. The key return duct is connected to the furnace where the air filters are placed. The return air passes through the filter to remove contaminants and dust before entering the main section of the furnace, where it is warmed as it flows over the heat exchanger.

Common air duct noise

When it comes to furnace and duct noise, it can often be difficult to tell whether the noise is furnace or duct related. Some of the common noises that you might hear from your ducts are listed below.

Flapping or rattling noises: These types of sounds can indicate that your ducts require cleaning to remove the jetsam and flotsam that unavoidably fall into the return and supply vents.

Popping or ticking sounds: These noises are very popular as ducts expand and contract as air circulates. Often, the popping and ticking is caused due to duct hangers expanding and contracting. You may be able to decrease these sounds or stop them altogether by installing pieces of rubber or foam between the duct and the hangers. Insulating the ducts can also assist reduce or stop these sounds.

Loud whistling sounds: These noises can be due to airflow problems. The probable causes can include poorly or undersized ducts, closed vents, or dirty filers.

Banging noises: This type of noises can show that you have an airflow issues or your ducts are undersized. Supply ducts expand when they are filled with warm air as the pressure build ups. This can create a vacuum on the other side and when the blower turns on, the ducts may collide. Open all the closed vents and replace air filters. If the banging still persists, consider calling a Carrier furnace repair expert to measure airflow, check the ducts and determine the issue.

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