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What’s Changed With Furnaces In The Last Decade

Jun 14, 2015

A service technician talking to a man and woman by a Lennox furnace installed by romaniuk heating in their basement.


In past 10 years, furnaces have changed more than you realize. From taking up less space, to using less home furnace heating energy, and giving you better control over the temperature – the home heating solutions have come a long way. With so much advancement in furnaces over the past 20 years, we will help you understand what you can get now, when you buy a new HVAC system as compared to older furnace units.

The control:

Having your home’s temperature set to desired temperature is also a lot easier than before. Due to a digital thermostat, now you can easily control how warm you want your home to be. Digital thermostats allow to heat up your house before you reach your home or come out of bed. There is major improvement in comfort and energy-efficiency as compared to mechanical thermostats.

The noise:

In latest models, the noise is also not a problem. Now furnaces have developments like baffles, quieter motors, insulated panels to assist reduce noise. In addition to comfort of variable heating, the fact that you get constant heat leads to less on/off sound.

The size:

Like number of other gadgets and equipments, new furnaces have become smaller over the years. Computer assisted design and electronic controls and advanced manufacturing create smaller units that are simpler to install.

The Comfort:

This is probably the area of maximum innovation and change in heating. According to experts, there are now better comfort features as compared to old days. Due to 2 stage, 3 stage and modulating heat, the units that offer more steady constant heat versus the ‘on and off’ of a single stage system. Now, your systems can stay closer to the set temperature at all times. Furnaces now have modulating blower that allows a more efficient and quieter system. A microprocessor in the motor even senses the decreased air flow caused due to a dirty air filter and enhances the airflow to balance, maintaining comfort levels and efficiency while utilizing as much as a 75% less power to operate.

The Safety:

Furnace models available today include, powered electronic and venting monitoring of furnace pressures and temperatures that can help you feel safe if something can go wrong. Older heating units had some safety issues and inefficiencies due to chimney draft. Due to this there was always a possibility of debris, bird etc to create an obstruction and hazardous condition.