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What’s Better For My Home? A Multi-Speed or Variable Speed Furnace

Dec 01, 2015

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When you choose the right furnace for your home, then you need to keep a lot of factors in your mind. The first thing that you need to be sure of is the size of your furnace. If it is not according to the size and rooms of your house, then it will put an additional load on the furnace to keep the entire home warm, and you will end up paying an excess in energy bills. If you have an old furnace in your house that is more than 10-20 years old, then it is a much better idea to get it replaced with a new one as new age furnace offers you much better functionality, are easier to maintain and are more energy efficient. The best way to ensure which furnace is best suited to your house; it is always a good idea to call in a professional from furnace sales in Edmonton who will guide you in right manner.

Variable Speed vs. Multi-speed

If you are going to take a look at the options, then you will come across two types of furnaces, variable speed, and multi-speed furnace. Both have efficient and effective working mechanism and offer you the best of heating. Variable speed furnaces are more expensive than the multi-speed ones at the initial stage of installation. But in the longer run, they will be far more efficient. The most significant advantage that you have with the variable speed furnace is that they adjust their temperature and speed according to the temperature of the house and thus they consume far less energy as compared to the multi-stage ones. The multi-stage furnace will continue to work at the same temperature and speed even if the room is warm whereas the variable speed furnace will adjust according to the temperature. Variable speed furnaces will operate at various speeds depending on what your home needs at the time. So if you have a really low temperature in the room, then they will automatically run on the higher temperature, and the moment the room is warm, it will decrease the temperature and will work on the setting that will keep the room warm enough.

The multi-speed furnace needs to be set at the desired temperature, and you need to make sure that you have changed the setting once the desired temperature is achieved. Multi-speed furnaces typically have three set speeds: low, medium, and high, as opposed to the various speeds the variable speed furnaces are capable of. So if you need to have the right settings, you may have to adjust them several times. Call in the furnace sales in Edmonton experts today, and they will guide you in the selection of the furnace that is best suited for your requirements.