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Stay Cool: Trends in Air Conditioning

Jun 05, 2017

Air Conditioning
A man and woman outside of their home talking to a romaniuk heating service technician by their Lennox air conditioner.

Property design constantly evolves thanks to modern engineering and innovation- take it from the pros at Romaniuk: air conditioning is no exception! While HVAC systems may seem uninspired at first glance, you would do well to take second look. Investing in or upgrading your property with an AC unit can add many other benefits beyond comfortable temperatures. Read on for Romaniuk’s guide to staying cool with current air conditioning trends.


Much like furnace-mounted humidifiers, modern HVAC units are much more commonly outfitted with additional features to keep the entire property comfortable. As concerns rise over air quality and the related health issues, one of the most popular additions to air conditioners is an air purifier- eliminating the need for a standalone unit.

Smart Tech

From phones to light bulbs, more and more parts of our world are becoming “smart.” An internet connection can add many conveniences to your life, including parts of your HVAC system. Smart thermostats and vents are widely available on the market to help property owners maintain total control. Avoid wasting utility costs on cooling unnecessarily with components that learn to turn the unit down automatically.


Traditionally, air conditioners come with a single compressor that controls the cooling for an entire property. Modern units can be outfitted with compressors that branch out to multiple outlets- allowing temperatures to be adjusted on a room-by-room basis. Maintain personal comfort and energy efficiency with a new, customizable AC unit.

If you haven’t kept up with modern property development, you may not be aware of the above advancements. If you are curious or have any concerns, contact or visit Romaniuk today- our experts are waiting to give you the full rundown on modern trends in air conditioning.