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Why You Should Replace Your Furnace Before It Breaks

Oct 23, 2017

Romaniuk heating requires essential hand tools on this work bench to help complete some furnace and plumbing installations.

A new furnace is a big purchase, so it makes sense to not want to have to pay for a new unit until it’s absolutely necessary. However, there are some people who will wait until their furnace is beyond repair before even considering a replacement. Romaniuk Heating & Air Conditioning is here to tell you there is a better way! There are a number of benefits to proactively replacing your furnace, including cost and time savings. Read on as we discuss why you should upgrade your furnace before it breaks.

Nobody Likes Unplanned Costs

A new furnace is a big purchase for your home – one that you’d probably prefer to have time to save up for! By keeping an eye out for warning signs that your furnace is on its last legs and budgeting for a new furnace before it breaks down completely, you’ll remove the financial burden that can be caused by needing an emergency furnace replacement.

Winter is Cold (Surprise, Surprise)!

Furnace’s rarely break down at a convenient time. They seem to like to wait until it’s the middle of the night, -30 degrees and snowing before they call it quits. While Romaniuk’s team is available 24/7, if your furnace is past the point of repair, a replacement can take some time. By proactively replacing your furnace, you’re saving yourself and your family from some very cold nights.

Fewer Repairs

The fact is that older furnaces break down more frequently. If these repairs become frequent enough, it may actually be more cost effective to simply replace the unit all together. Don’t spend your nights worrying whether or not your furnace is going to cut out. Replace your old unit to save money on repairs in the long term.

Higher Efficiency

Are you noticing that your energy bills have been consistently rising each year? It may have something to do with your aging furnace! Furnaces today are much more energy efficient than older models. Having an energy efficient furnace is not only good for the environment, but also your wallet! Even more, there are a number of tax credits and rebate programs that you may be eligible for that can help offset the cost of your new heating system.

Romaniuk Can Help

Here at Romaniuk Heating & Air Conditioning we carry LENNOX® furnaces, which are among the most efficient and quietest heating systems around. Don’t wait until it’s too late – give us a call today to learn if it’s time to update your furnace!