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Help! My Boiler Keeps Clicking & Won't Turn On

Dec 07, 2020

Heating & Cooling HVAC
Apartment heater that was serviced by Romaniuk Heating & Air Conditioning.

Having a boiler proves to be one of the most dependable ways to provide warmth throughout your home during the winter. A boiler doesn’t use forced air to heat your home; instead, it uses a series of tubes to push hot water through your home to provide heat. There are a wide range of advantages when it comes to having a boiler in your home, but what happens when it decides to not work properly? Fortunately, many boiler problems — such as clicking sounds and not turning on — are simple to resolve and easy to fix. Here are a few common issues that may be causing your boiler to make this sound.

Pilot Light Obstruction

A very common reason why your boiler might not be turning on is that your pilot light is obstructed. Over time, debris and build-up can block the opening of the pilot light, which will cause it to not ignite properly. Maintenance should be performed monthly or annually to prevent any blockage to the pilot light.

Faulty Ignition

If you notice that your boiler is still not working properly, the next thing you will want to check is your ignition. When it comes to inspecting the ignition, there are a few things to consider. A lack of gas supply can have an impact on the ignition, but if you notice you have the proper supply of gas, the next thing you should check is the ignition itself or the probes. Having a damaged or improper installation can impact your boilers performance.

Worn Motor Bearing

Whether it's your gas boiler or HVAC system that is making a clicking noise, this can be a sign that you have a worn/seized bearing in the motor. Since the clicking noise can echo through your heating system, listen to the motor itself to see if it’s making the clicking noise. If you notice that is the cause, be sure to get it repaired by a certified technician as soon as possible. If left unattended, the motor can burn out and require replacement.

Pilot Light

If your pilot light keeps going out, this could be caused by a broken thermocouple stopping the gas supply. Other scenarios can be a draft in the room that keeps blowing it out, or a deposit buildup in the pilot light. Either of these issues will prevent your boiler from turning on. It’s best to perform quarterly or annual maintenance to help prevent these kinds of problems.

Check the Ignition Lead

Your ignition lead or electrode is another part you will want to inspect. You may notice your boiler does ignite but quickly goes off again; this can be a sign that your ignition lead is damaged or was improperly installed. In newer systems you will notice a fault code appear if an issue arises. If that's the case the best thing to do is call a certified technician to accurately test and replace the ignition lead.

Having a boiler heating system in your home can come with many advantages. Even with annual maintenance, parts over time can cause some issues and eventually fail. Luckily these systems can be simple to resolve and fix! To make sure things are repaired and working correctly, it's best to let a certified technician accurately troubleshoot and repair your heating system. Romaniuk Heating & Air Conditioning has been servicing Edmonton and area since 1989. Schedule your next service call with us and get your heating system back up and running in no time.