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Does An Central Air Conditioning System Add Value to My Property?

Jul 17, 2017

Air Conditioning

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Whether buying or selling a property, there are many amenities and other factors to consider when it comes to settling on a price. It all comes down to value – owners generally want to add air conditioning to their property for improved equity or a better selling price; buyers want prioritize their dollar carefully to get the most out of their investment. Keep reading for Romaniuk’s crash course in how a property’s value can be impacted by air conditioning.

If you own a property or are about to buy one and you are planning to add an air conditioner, your first step to be shop around for unit pricing and installation fees.Identify the most reasonable quote and weigh the initial cost against the potential advantages, some of which are outlined below. Similarly, if you plan to purchase a property with A/C – consider what you are actually paying for as you read through the following.

Your Needs

Consider how and when you plan to operate the air conditioner, a unit only “pays for itself” if you actually make use of it. If you travel for the majority of the summer, A/C may not be worth it – on the other hand, snowbirds rarely regret the investment when they are summering in the temperamental Canadian Prairies.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Modern air conditioners are practically upkeep-free, but regular maintenance and inspection is the only reliably way to extend the lifetime of the unit – as well as avoid costly repairs! Whether adding A/C or buying a property with it, always familiarize yourself with the prices of HVAC repair, inspection and regular maintenance.

Operating Costs

The utility bills are one aspect that can be overlooked when a property owner has their mind set on air conditioning. A/C is nice, but it requires energy – and these costs can increase if the unit is not kept within manufacturer standards.

The above list is only a summary of factors to consider – contact or visit Romaniuk today for a comprehensive consultation on all your air conditioner questions and concerns.