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Top 3 Humidifier Types & Benefits

Nov 30, 2016

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In Edmonton and across Alberta, we are all-too-familiar with dry weather and its consequences– cracked skin and lips, dry sinuses and nosebleeds, harsher growing conditions and too many static shocks to count. The best way to counteract dryness inside your home or business is to use some variety of humidifier. From an affordable portable unit to the significant investment of an “in-duct” or furnace-mounted model, humidifiers come in a wide range of shape, size, and utility. Keep reading for Romaniuk’s top three lists of humidifier types and the benefits of increased humidity.


When it comes to humidifiers, they fall into three major categories with precise definitions. The outline below will list the class, how they work and how to best use them. Keep in mind that all three come in different sizes and capabilities that scale to the size and scope of the spaces they are meant to humidify.

1. Warm Mist.

The oldest and most familiar type of humidifier, warm mist models boil water and distribute the steam– usually into a single room. Water filters must be checked and changed regularly to prevent a buildup of minerals or bacteria. Since heat is a crucial element, do not use warm mist humidifiers around children.

2. Cool mist.

This type of humidifier is also typically used for single-room solutions, but they boast a wider variety of types: ultrasonic, impeller and evaporative are the three most common forms of cool mist models. Safe for children and extremely low-maintenance– cool mist options may be more expensive than their heated counterparts, but may end up being more affordable down the road.

3. In-duct, furnace- or HVAC-mounted.

Very common in commercial or industrial properties, mounted humidifiers are growing in popularity among homeowners as well. Since they are permanently hooked up to your water supply and often call for professional installation, mounted humidifiers have the highest initial cost. Still, it may be a small price to pay for a whole-property comfort and improved energy efficiency.


Regardless of type, any humidifier can offer many advantages– especially in cold, dry regions such as Alberta. Read our top three humidifier benefits below!

1. Increased comfort.

Snoring problems, dry vocal cords, chronic nosebleeds and dry skin conditions or symptoms– these annoyances and more can all be a thing of the past thanks to an active humidifier. A humidifier in the bedroom often results in more restful nights, too!

2. Better health.

Increased humidity can reduce the risk of infections as viruses and bacteria don’t travel as far in the moist air. If you do come down with something, humid air helps prevent coughing and sneezing– allowing your body to heal more quickly.

3. Energy savings.

It’s a scientific fact: moist air transmits heat more efficiently than dry air. With efficient humidification, your furnace will use less energy and work less hard to produce the same temperature than it would in a dryer space.

Curious about humidity? Contact or visit us here at Romaniuk Heating & Air Conditioning for a full rundown on humidifier types, benefits and costs.