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Benefits of a Natural Gas Furnace

Jul 15, 2015

Furnace Heating & Cooling

Cooling and heating make up a huge percentage of the average consumer’s energy costs, so finding a more efficient or cheaper means of heating can have a huge impact on your monthly budget. A huge majority of homeowners rely on gas furnaces to heat the home. Factors like clean-burning, easy availability and low costs add to its popularity. However, before you get a gas furnace for your home, take time to understand how it can affect your utility bills to decide if gas is the correct heating fuel for your home.

Factors that affect operating costs

A number of factors affect the cost of operating a gas furnace, from the gas prices in your locality to the efficiency of the unit. The way your home is oriented in relation to your personal comfort levels and the Sun and how tightly your home is constructed, can also decide your energy bills. Operating costs can also differ immensely in different years due to atmospheric and climatic conditions. While you can easily estimate your heating costs, it is recommended to keep some extra cash in the budget, in case the sum of money is greater than a previous estimate.

Operating cost of a gas furnace

On an average a house needs between 50 million and 150 million BTU or British Thermal Units, of heat each winter. For people living in mild climate zones this will probably fall on the lower end of the mentioned range. The amount of gas required to produce the heat also depends greatly on your furnace’s AFUE.

Thankfully, calculating the efficiency of your gas furnace can be as easy as pressing a button. All you have to do is enter the square footage of your home, the price of natural gas in your area, and your furnace’s present efficiency level. With the help of online calculator you can find out your furnace’s annual operating cost and savings in seconds.

Why you should install natural gas furnace?

Natural gas furnaces usually cost a little more than electric, and if you are replacing an existing unit, then there is additional cost of putting in gas lines from the street and building huge ductwork. However, they are generally very efficient, which can assist keeping your utility bills low. In addition, natural gas is comparatively low-cost fuel source.

Another advantage of using natural gas furnace is that they warm up the home quickly compared to other fuels. So, you can also consider that you are not only paying for efficiency but also for comfort and convenience.

These furnaces are recommended for anyone, but more importantly for homes that experience severe winters as it is more reasonable to heat your home with gas as compared to heating it with electricity. Questions? Contact Romaniuk today! Our experts are happy to help with everything from advice to major repairs or replacements.