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How Long Does Freon Last?

May 11, 2016

Air Conditioning
A romaniuk heating service technician talking to a man and woman by their Lennox air conditioner installed outside their home


All air conditioner units have refrigerant in them. One of the most common refrigerants nowadays is called Freon. It’s imperative to maintain proper Freon levels in your air conditioner, as not doing so could lead to costly repairs. Read on to learn how long Freon lasts and how to make sure your air conditioner is ready to keep you cool this summer.

Freon Is Forever

The critical thing to keep in mind is that the Freon in your AC unit will last forever, so long as you don’t acquire any leaks in the system. An air conditioner’s refrigerant’s system is a closed (or sealed) system, meaning there is no way for the Freon to escape; since Freon does not get used up, as long as there are no leaks, your AC’s Freon will keep doing it’s thing indefinitely. So, if you see that your AC unit is low on refrigerant, the only answer is that your system leaks somewhere. It’s crucial that you don’t add more Freon to your unit until you have addressed the leak, as doing so would waste a lot of money.

Is A Leak Inevitable?

Sadly, yes. Over the years, age will take its toll on your air conditioner, making leaks a natural part of your AC units life. Freon circulates under very high pressure, which eventually wears down and thins the inside of the tubing. But don’t fret! A refrigerant leak doesn’t mean you have to get a new unit. Leaks can be fixed easily, especially if you catch the leak in its early stages.

Early Detection

It’s recommended that you get the Freon levels in your air conditioner checked once a year. This will help to catch any leaks while they are still small. If you can nip the leak in the bud, you’ll lose less refrigerant, which means it’ll cost you less to replace it!

Here are a few signs to watch for that may indicate you have a refrigerant leak:

  • Your air conditioner is blowing hot air
  • Your air conditioner is blowing cold air at night, but warm air during the day
  • Frost build up on your indoor air conditioner coil
  • Water on the floor by your furnace due to condensation
  • If you are noticing any of these things, call in an expert to check your AC unit for leaks.


Freon may last forever, but some AC units don’t. If you have questions or concerns about your air conditioner contact the experts at Romaniuk Heating & Air Conditioning. We are here for all your air conditioning repair and replacement needs.