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How Do Duct Cleaning Differs From Furnace Cleaning & Maintenance?

Sep 04, 2015

Furnace HVAC
A service technician performing regular maintenance replacing a filter on a Lennox furnace installed by romaniuk heating.


Furnace cleaning is a very common term. Almost every homeowner who owns a furnace is well aware about not the term furnace cleaning but also its importance. However, exactly the process involves may not be very clear. Learning how duct cleaning and furnace cleaning differ will assist you provide your furnace with the care it needs.

What is involved in duct cleaning?

Duct cleaning as name suggests is inspection and cleaning process of ducts. This process involves the following:

  • Accessing the ducts: Your furnace cleaning professional will open the access panels to check hard-to-see parts of the ductwork.
  • Inspection: Typically technicians use a long hose with a camera attached to it to take a look deep inside the ducts where obstructions, pests or mold may be developing. The images taken by the camera are then displayed on a monitor to see exactly what is there inside your ducts.
  • Cleaning out the debris: A number of methods are available for cleaning ductwork. Depending on the requirement, the technician will choose the most preferred and suitable cleaning method.

What is involved in furnace maintenance?

“Furnace maintenance” essentially refers to the annual professional inspection and cleaning your furnace needs to perform as efficiently and safely as possible. Annual maintenance also assists components of your systems last longer. This annual maintenance doesn’t only include cleaning, it also involves finding and correcting faults before they can cause severe damage.

Typical furnace maintenance will include:

  • Inspect your ducts for leaks and blockages
  • Test for CO (Carbon Monoxide) gas leaks
  • Test the thermostat and control for accuracy
  • Inspect for loose electrical connections and wires
  • Inspect and clean the heat exchanger and combustion chamber assembly
  • Test the gas pressure and check for leaks
  • Measure for optimal airflow
  • Clean the blower motor and test its working

How these two are different?

Annual furnace cleaning includes a basic duct inspect, but it not essentially include duct cleaning. That is because most duct system remains perfectly clean for several years and just don’t need to be cleaned annually. In fact, the ducts should be carefully inspected, separately from regular maintenance, to check whether or not they need cleaning. If you have smokers or pets in your home, consider getting your ducts cleaned every few years.

Also, frequently check inside the accessible parts of your ductwork and schedule a duct inspection if there is presence of moisture or patches of discoloration, as these things imply mold growth or proof of pest infestation.

If your duct or furnace is due for cleaning, contact Romaniuk in the Edmonton area.