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Do You Doubt Furnace Gas Valves Leak? Use These Tips To Detect

Sep 07, 2015

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Furnace gas valves can leak and gas valve leaks can be very dangerous. This clearly suggests that it is important to detect the leaks to ensure your and your loved ones safety. There are many ways to do this, and it is essential to check constantly.

Gas leak detectors

You can get commercial gas leak detectors to use around the furnace. These detectors will find leaks from the furnace gas valves. The negative side is that they are not necessarily accurate and if you are dependent completely on these you could miss a crucial leak. They should be used along with other larger equipments to detect the leaks. If you doubt leaks, confirm it by using a leak detector.

Soap Solution

One really simple way to check for furnace gas valve leaks is to prepare a solution of soap and water and spray it on the valve with the help of a spray bottle. In case of furnace gas valve leak, the solution will start to bubble due to the gas. This is just the same way you detect leaks in any gas line and this despite being a very simple approach is very effective.


Observation of furnace and furnace gas valves can prove to be of great help in detecting leaks from furnace gas valves. You might be able to smell any natural gas leak. Also check your furnace for any cracks in the system and check those for leaks.

Use a mirror and flashlight to check areas that are hard to access. Targeting a light on an area, especially if your furnace is installed in the basement can show issues you might not know otherwise. Also, look at your furnace flames. In case of furnace valve leaks, the flame will change color when the blower gets started.

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is one gas that can leak and is even hard to be detected. In order to know about the problems with CO you should install at least one CO detector in your house. Carbon monoxide detector will alert you if there is any such leak present. Check the batteries frequently to ensure that it is working correctly. Place one of the units near the furnaces so it will detect any CO leak instantly.

Furnace service

If you doubt furnace gas valve leaks then never hesitate to call a professional. This is a great way to not only know about the gas leaks but also get them repaired instantly. This might prove to be a costly proposition, but professionals are well aware of the designing and functioning of gas furnace and can not only determine the leak fast but fix it on time to prevent any accident.

Use two or more techniques

Combine a number of the methods mentioned here to detect furnace gas valve leaks. It is safe not to be dependent on one method. Inspect the furnace regularly to check all the connections and to ensure that everything is working as it should. Also check for signs of cracks or rust.