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Usual Suspects: Common Air Conditioner Sounds & How to Fix Them

May 22, 2017

Air Conditioning
Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units are a major investment, especially on the Canadian prairies. It can be discouraging to hear a sound that seems out of place- is it a trick of the ear or a sign of repairs to come? Never fear, Romaniuk is here to provide a rundown of common sounds, their causes and their solutions. Read on for more!


A screaming air conditioner is practically a horror movie! What may be a failed compressor or at least a sign of increased pressure, any A/C unit that is screaming or whistling should be shut off immediately. Call the pros at Romaniuk if the sound continues when started back up. A leak or a burst component could be extremely dangerous.

“Rattle & Hum”

It’s not just a rockumentary- air conditioners rattling or humming might mean that it’s time for a tune-up! Any out of place vibrations could mean a part is coming loose or worse. Yearly inspections and maintenance is easy way to prevent these minor issues from becoming serious problems.

“The Squeal”

Belts, fans, bearings- all of these things spin at high speeds in your A/C unit. As they age and wear out, these parts commonly squeal, sing or whine during use. Regular maintenance will ensure all moving parts are kept in good condition or replaced as needed. If you perform any visual inspections, be especially cautious of frayed or damaged belts.

“Clink, Clank, Clunk”

Air conditioners are finely-tuned machines- if something goes out of balance, you may hear rhythmic or irregular clicks, clanks or clunks. A/C units may work for a long time with one of these sounds, but it’s best to have it looked at sooner rather than later. Note that regular clicks may occur during normal operation as your unit maintains your desired temperature.

“Bang! Bang!”

Loud bangs should be alarming to anyone that owns or operates an A/C unit. A certain sign of broken or damaged parts, any banging should be addressed immediately.

Replacement or repair, you can trust the experts here at Romaniuk to keep your air conditioner running smoothly all summer long. A/C is often a luxury, so don’t risk wasting your investment by letting a sound go unchecked. Contact or visit Romaniuk today, our friendly staff is standing-by ready to answer any of your questions or concerns.