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Condensate Neutralizer For Furnaces: What Is It & How it Works

Condensate Neutralizer is a product that is installed to filter and neutralize water, making it safe to dispose of down the drain.

Help! My Furnace’s Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

There are a few different reasons why your pilot light won’t stay on. Here are the three most likely reasons why your furnace’s pilot light keeps going out.

Help! My Furnace Won’t Turn On

One of the most frustrating problems you can face during a cold winter is a furnace not turning on.

Help! My Furnace is Leaking Water

If your furnace is leaking water it might not seem like a big deal, but it could be the sign of a more serious problem with your appliance.

Does Your Furnace Really Need Yearly Service?

Your Furnace is like any other major appliance in your home. Without performing proper regular maintenance, it will be more prone to breakdowns and likely won’t last as long as it could have if you cared for it properly.

Why You Should Replace Your Furnace Before It Breaks

A new furnace is a big purchase, so it makes sense to not want to have to pay for a new unit until it’s absolutely necessary. However, there are some people who will wait until their furnace is beyond repair before even considering a rep...

Buying A Furnace Filter: Finding Your Fit with MERV Ratings

Modern furnaces and HVAC systems are often so engineered and streamlined that they may seem maintenance-free. While this is practically true for some models, almost all furnaces require the manual upkeep and replacement of filters. By ju...

5 Things to Check When Starting Up A Furnace After Summer

Summers can seem short in the Edmonton area, and nothing drives it home like having to start up your furnace. Furnaces are out of sight and out of mind, so it can be easy to overlook simple maintenance. Never fear– Romaniuk Heating and A...

What Is A Furnace’s Life Expectancy And Signs Of A Dying Furnace

One of the concerns of homeowners when they are purchasing a new furnace or deciding whether or not to replace their present unit is, “what is the expected life span of a furnace”? This is a nice question, but how long is a furnace suppo...

Signs Your Furnace Heat Exchanger May be Cracked

A damaged heat exchanger in a gas furnace is not an issue that should be ignored. Leaking and broken heat exchangers expose homeowners to toxic gases, which can be very dangerous to you and your family. It can be hard to know if your hea...

What’s Better For My Home? A Multi-Speed or Variable Speed Furnace

When you choose the right furnace for your home, then you need to keep a lot of factors in your mind. The first thing that you need to be sure of is the size of your furnace. If it is not according to the size and rooms of your house, th...

Facts About Furnace Cleaning: Why You Must Get It Done On Time?

The first thing that you have to make sure of at the start of this winter season is the right maintenance plan for the furnace or boiler that you have installed in your house. The more organized you are in the maintenance of the unit, th...