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How Long Does Freon Last?

All air conditioner units have refrigerant in them. One of the most common refrigerants nowadays is called Freon. It’s imperative to maintain proper Freon levels in your air conditioner, as not doing so could lead to costly repairs. Read...

Respect ROI: How Much Value Will Central Air Conditioning Add To Your Home?

Many homeowners would love to install central air in their home but feel they can’t justify it in the long run. But keep this in mind: central air conditioning adds about 12 percent to the value of a home on average throughout the countr...

Why Is Regular Maintenance of AC Refrigerant Important?

Your air conditioner has an essential job — move the heat from inside your home to the outside, thereby cooling the house. Many moving parts make up the elusive air conditioner unit, and one of these components is refrigerant. The refrig...

What’s that weird sound coming from your ductwork?

Most air ducts and furnaces make noises, and while many are common and happen due to the system design, other may show severe problems with your ductwork or heating system. These should be handled by a furnace repair expert to ensure saf...

Benefits Of Hiring A Pro To Do Your Air Conditioning Installation

When you want your home to stay cool, you can consider installing your own air conditioner to achieve the comfortable temperature in your abode. However, for various reasons it is suggested that one should only take the expert help to in...

What Does Caulking Mean And Why Is It Important?

A furnace is not something that you install at your home and then forget about. As winters get warm and more comfortable with the arrival of your furnace, after-care and maintenance of the furnace comes with the package. So do problems a...

Air Conditioning Need And Importance

Air conditioning is the most important need in today’s home, business and every other workplace.