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A father reading his baby a story in the comfort of his Lennox furnace heated home installed by romaniuk heating.

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What’s Changed With Furnaces In The Last Decade

In past 10 years, furnaces have changed more than you realize. From taking up less space, to using less home furnace heating energy, and giving you better control over the temperature – the home heating solutions have come a long way. Wi...

Romaniuk’s Guide to Furnace Parts & Components

If you own a furnace, it’s important that you know what the key components are and how a furnace works. To help you, here are a few main parts of a furnace and their components.

What Does Caulking Mean And Why Is It Important?

A furnace is not something that you install at your home and then forget about. As winters get warm and more comfortable with the arrival of your furnace, after-care and maintenance of the furnace comes with the package. So do problems a...

Air Conditioning Need And Importance

Air conditioning is the most important need in today’s home, business and every other workplace.