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8 Of The Most Common Plumbing Problems In Your Home

Apr 01, 2021

Home Plumbing Issues

Home plumbing systems provide you with fresh clean water as well as efficiently draining waste water away from your home. Over time, you may encounter problems with your plumbing that can be an inconvenience or cause damage to your home — especially if they go unnoticed for some time. Regular maintenance of the plumbing in your home is important and helps prevent any major issues from arising. Here are eight of the most common plumbing problems to look out for and how to prevent them.

Weak Water Pressure

Poor or weak water pressure is generally caused by clogged pipes, which can be a result of calcium build up. It can also be caused from a bigger plumbing problem such as a broken pipe, blocked lines, hidden water leaks or corrosion. Low water pressure can make it a challenge for your home’s plumbing system to work properly. 

Check to see if the water pressure is low in both hot and cold water faucets — if the pressure is low in both hot and cold sides, it could be a result of calcium buildup in the aerator. But low water pressure could be a sign of a bigger issue — a plumber can help diagnose why the water pressure in your home is weak, where it’s coming from, and fix the problem right away.

Leaky Pipes

Pipes in your home can be the main source of most common plumbing problems. Issues with your pipes could be corrosion, excessive water pressure, an incorrect pipe layout or damaged pipes. Leaky pipes could lead to damage in all parts of your home— anything from burst pipes, especially in winter, to excessive leaks — both of which can cause excessive, unwanted water damage to your floors, walls and furniture. This is why it's important to get your plumbing system inspected regularly to see if your pipes are in good shape.

Signs of a leaky pipe could be a sudden increase in your water bill, wet spots and foundation cracks, as well as stained and damaged walls, ceilings and floors. If you see any of these signs, contact your Romaniuk plumber to take a look and fix it — this isn’t a situation where a temporary fix could work, as you could still be faced with larger costs and irreparable damage down the line if you don’t seek professional help the first time. 

Slow Or Clogged Drains

Another plumbing problem homeowners hate is a clogged drain. Clogs can be caused by a variety of things such as hair, soap, toothpaste, food, toilet paper—any foreign object that’s gotten itself in the drain. Routine drain cleaning, either with a chemical solution or by contracting a plumber, is the best way to prevent this problem, and most drains in sinks will have traps underneath for easy access to get at a clog.

However, if you notice that many of your drains appear to be slow or clogged, this could indicate a larger, more complicated problem. Contact your plumber to identify the issue right away and prevent unwanted issues such as sewer backup.

Leaky Faucet

Everyone hates the sound of a dripping tap. Leaving a leaky faucet unfixed can waste a lot of water over the year and can have an impact on your water bill. 

Faulty faucets can be caused by a worn O-ring or an old cartridge. The O-ring is a small rubber ring that goes on the stem screw which holds the handle in place. After getting pushed and pulled overtime, the O-ring will wear out and you’ll start to get a leak at the base of the handle. Another big contributor to leaks over time is the aerator or cartridge, which is the mesh filter at the end of the spigot. Over time, mineral deposits clog up the aerator, leading to lower water pressure as it clogs and stress is placed on the seals and gaskets. Replacing these every couple of years will help keep your faucet in good shape.

Sewer System Backup

A sewer system backup is a nightmare for homeowners, and can lead to multiple drain and toilet blockages—and a not so pleasant smell. If you or a family member flush down items that are not made to be flushed, that can lead to this problem. 

To prevent one cause of sewer backups, watch what you are flushing down the toilet. Diapers, tissue paper, paper towel, face wipes and napkins are a hard no. 

You might have tree roots invading your pipeline. Tree roots can push through cracks in your pipes or surround your pipes and crush them. It could also be a result of old sewer lines cracking and breaking down over time.

Depending on the location and cause of the blockage, this can be a challenging and expensive issue to fix. Call a plumber right away if you experience a sewer backup.

Sump Pump Issues

An improperly installed sump pump can lead to issues down the line, especially during heavy rain or snow. This can cause your pump to work harder, which can lead to it eventually failing.

Routine maintenance is key to keeping your sump pump running properly, as well as cleaning it out once to twice a year and testing to see if it’s functioning.

If problems persist and you find yourself continuously replacing your sump pump, you may need to change some landscaping and drainage features on your property. Realigning your gutters to drain away from the foundation is a good first step. You can slope your surrounding foundation to channel water away, or re-level any patios, decking and concrete surfaces to help with irrigation. While these steps may seem like an expensive investment, they will save you money in the long run.

Running Toilet

A constantly running toilet is a problem that wastes water and is a major inconvenience. Toilets run when the toilet fails to stop water flow into the bowl. Minor flush toilet issues can be fixed with little knowledge. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to fix an overflowing toilet without having to call in the pros.

If these solutions don’t work, or if you aren’t super familiar with your septic system, it’s best to call in a plumber to fix the problem immediately.

Old Fixtures

Over time, your plumbing fixtures can endure significant wear and tear, resulting in foul odours, water leaks and inflated utility bills. Additionally, corrosion and seals on the fixtures can be compromised over time. This is why proper, ongoing maintenance is important, as well as replacing old fixtures with updated plumbing supplies to keep your system running smoothly.

Solve your plumbing problems today

Proper maintenance is important in preventing these common plumbing issues. At Romaniuk, we have certified technicians to help keep your home plumbing system running at its best. Or, if you are faced with one of these eight common plumbing problems, we can help you diagnose the issue and prevent it from happening again. Give us a call to schedule your next service!