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5 Things to Check When Starting Up A Furnace After Summer

Aug 20, 2016

A service technician talking to a man in the basement by a Lennox furnace installed by romaniuk heating.


Summers can seem short in the Edmonton area, and nothing drives it home like having to start up your furnace. Furnaces are out of sight and out of mind, so it can be easy to overlook simple maintenance. Never fear– Romaniuk Heating and Air Conditioning are here with five easy tips to ensure your furnace is ready to take the heat of another Prairie winter.

#1: Filter.

An essential part of any HVAC system, filters should be checked regularly and replaced as needed– especially going into winter. Clean filters ensure efficiency, healthy air and proper function for years to come. As a bonus tip, shop around for filters during warmer months for the best deal possible.

#2: Inspection.

Carry out regular inspections on your furnace to catch severe problems before they leave you out in the cold.

Look for any sign of movement or shifting, water or rust spots, rust or corrosion and other damage, defects or deficiencies.

#3: Check detectors.

Often overlooked but vital to safety, all detectors should be checked regularly to ensure they are up to the task if your furnace malfunctions or fails. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should often be tested, replacing batteries as needed. Always perform a check before turning your furnace on after an extended break.

#4: Regular cleaning.

Keeping your ventilation system clean and free of debris is essential to a long-lasting furnace. Obstructed or dirty vents can strain, overload and even fully shut down a furnace. Booking yearly or seasonal cleanings will keep your air moving freely with minimal allergens and irritants.

#5: Thermostat.

When you use to start up your furnace after summer, always manage your thermostat responsibly. Misuse and neglect of a thermostat can lead to malfunctioning temperature control or worse. Familiarize yourself with your HVAC system’s controls and don’t leave it until the last minute to check if your furnace is working. The above five tips are only a summary of how to manage responsible furnace care and maintenance. For a full rundown, contact or visit the HVAC experts here at Romaniuk today!