5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

romaniuk-why-wont-my-air-conditioning-turn-onHere in Alberta, air conditioning is often treated like a luxury– but extreme weather can happen all year round and a heatwave can be a real risk to residences with children, pets or senior citizens. In these cases A/C is more than just a creature comfort, it is essential to health and well-being. That is why an air conditioner not starting when it should can be a serious concern for a property owner. First of all: don’t panic. Consult our guide and contact or visit Romaniuk with any problems not covered below.

#1: Filter

It may seem overly simple, but a clogged filter can bring even the most industrial A/C unit to a total standstill. Designed to keep dust and debris out of your property’s vents (and your lungs), an intake air filter will eventually become too dirty to function properly. Always clean and replace your air filters as directed.

#2: Thermostat

Again, it seems too obvious to miss– but you might be surprised what you can overlook at first glance. Before you call in the professionals, double-check for yourself: is your thermostat actually set to a cooling mode? If yes, test the batteries to ensure it has the power to properly send signals to the A/C unit.

#3: Coolant

Air conditioners don’t just blow air around, they cool the air they take in before redistributing it. This is done by passing the air through a cooling system that lowers the air’s temperature rapidly via coolant– a fluid or gas that is especially good at absorbing heat. Coolant eventually runs out over time, but recharging your A/C unit is often a simple, affordable fix.

#4: Circuit breaker

A/C can use a fair amount of power, meaning the load on your property’s electrical system increases every time your unit turns on. Often this can trip the circuit breaker, especially after a long period of inactivity (vacations, winter, etc). If your air conditioner is not turning on, be sure to check to see if any of your circuit breakers need to be reset.

#5: Overheating 

Most electrical devices are designed to turn off if they become too hot. This is called overheating and it is treated like an inconvenience, but it is actually a safety feature to prevent damage, burns or even fires! A/C units are no different, so if they are working too hard– they will shut down. Clear your air conditioner of any excess dirt, clogging debris or overgrown vegetation.

There are certainly more than five reasons your A/C is not turning on, but those above are some of the most common. While the professionals at Romaniuk are happy to help out with any issue, it is prudent to reserve your maintenance budget for major projects or even future replacement. Questions? Concerns? Contact us today!