4 Tips for Choosing a Furnace Repair Company

Is it time to repair or replace your furnace or air conditioner? Selecting a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) company can be a daunting task. There are endless options to choose from– independent contractors to nationwide franchises, many of which claim to be the “best in the business.” Truthfully, there is only one ideal fit: whichever company offers peak value for your dollar, while tailoring their service to your needs.

#4 Choose your own adventure


It may be tempting to jump at the first flashy advertisement or a promise of major savings, but it is important to take your time when choosing HVAC service. Always test the market by picking a handful of companies (at least three), then compare and contrast their offers. Also, do not be afraid of saying no to intimidation or high-pressure sales tactics.

#3 Phone a friend

One of the most reliable ways of selecting HVAC company is to familiarize yourself with their past work. Collecting referrals and word of mouth recommendations is a good place to start, but always confirm the quality of the service rendered. Another failsafe is to make sure the company you choose has worked on issues that are similar to yours.

#2 Read the fine print

As in any industry, HVAC companies want your business and some will say almost anything to win you over. No matter the claims, always investigate whether or not they are licensed, certified and insured. Without these protections, you could be held financially or even legally responsible for any mistakes.

#1 Wisdom of the crowd

An encouraging word from your best friend goes a long way, but using just one person’s advice is restricting you to a small sample size. Do not forget to cross-reference your information with that of the many other customers and consumer protection agencies out there. Online reviews, consumer reports and other resources can help you avoid a nasty surprise.

The above tips are only a briefing on the many ways you can ensure that you hire a reputable HVAC company. Whether servicing or replacing your property’s furnace or air conditioner, it is vital you are treated fairly and communicated with honestly. Questions? Concerns? Contact the HVAC experts at Romaniuk today!